Driving school t10n for car, motorcycle and moped lessons


Welcome to driving school t10n,

My name is Aad Vliegenthart, driving instructor at driving school t10n.

Driving instruction is given for car (Category B), motorcycle (Category A) and moped (category AM). The lessons are given in Dutch language but this can also English and German.

You always get driving lessons from the same driving instructor, therefore you learn to know the driving instructor very well and he will know you very well and therefore you receive customized lessons.

The lessons for motorcycle and moped are given one on one, therefore you will receive, just as car lessons, the full 100% attention.

Driving school t10n stands for quality and fun. You are not only trained for the CBR exam but especially for afterwards.

So after the exam you will go driving on the road, feeling safe and confident.

The succes percentage of this school is good.

You can find this on the CBR website (http://www.rijschoolgegevens.nl/).

If you want more information about the different licenses and the driving school  t10n you can reach me on phone number 06 41387890 or send an email to aad@t10n.nl.

Regards Aad



The driving lessons are given in Rotterdam and surroundings:

Alexanderpolder, Ommoord,  Prinsenland, Lage land, Oosterflank, Zevenkamp, Nesselande, Kralingse Veer, ‘s-Gravenland. Terbregge, Hillegersberg, Schiebroek, Molenlaankwartier. Overschie, Kleinpolder, Kethel, Schieveen, Zestienhoven, Landzicht,  Blijdorp, Rubroek, Crooswijk, Kralingen, De Esch, Struisenburg. Stadsdriehoek, Cool, CS-kwartier, Oude Westen, Dijkzigt, Scheepvaartkwartier, Kop van Zuid-Entrepot. Lansingerland, Bergschenhoek, Berkel, Rodenrijs, Bleiswijk. Capelle aan den IJssel, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel.